1. Age of consent laws | Child Family Community Australia


    According to criminal law in Australia, the age of consent refers to the age a person is considered to be capable of legally giving informed consent to sexual acts ...

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    I'm in Australia and I needed to know what queenslands dating laws were. If you are 17 an dating someone older than 18 is this legal? Is there a specific age gap that ...

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    The distinguishing aspect of the age of consent laws is that the ... In both the United Kingdom and Western Australia, for example, the age of consent ...

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    When can I have sex? ... What does age of consent mean? When can I have sex? ... We are also not talking here about the additional laws applying to sex that is ...

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    Legislation allowing rights holders to get overseas websites blocked that infringe copyright is a step closer to becoming law in Australia after a federal ...

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    Australia is a federation of States and Territories, with each State and Territory having the primary jurisdiction over age of consent issues within its territory.

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    Dating Customs Around the World. These are some of the ways teens date in other countries of the world. Afghanistan. Dating is rare in Afghanistan because most ...

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    Public Safety and Law. ... Provides an introduction to laws and values in the Australian community. P repared as a help for people coming to Australia.

  9. Australia -- Age of Consent


    Western Australia's laws in relation to homosexuality have been condemned by the Human Rights ... Australia, The age of consent did not change here on 1/1/2001.

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    The law in Victoria sets clear age limits for when you can legally have sex. This is called age of consent. A person can be charged with a sexual offence if they ...

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